Cantina Reggia Leone - un secolo di storia tra le colline del Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene DOCG


Reggia Leone arose from the desire to tell a story which began many years ago.
It originates, thanks to the passion of Great-Grandfather Leone, who together with Great-Grandmother Agnese (Nella) , invested in the land of their ancestors and acquired the first “Gran Riva”, a slope nestled among the noble hills of Valdobbiadene.
The passion and dedication for winemaking continued with the vision and high standards of Grandfather Angelo and his belief in the elegant wine produced from this precious land. Prosecco is today recognized worldwide, as Valdobbiadene Superiore Docg.

Papà Roberto has carried on the tradition. With love and dedication, he cares for the family vineyards, from which a wine, elegant and of high quality is produced from it’s grapes. With passion he has introduced Prosecco to wine enthusiasts, welcoming and accompanying them, as they discover the aromas and flavours of our hills.

Now, Leone Tormena’s Great-Grandson,Stefano, has embraced the family tradition and his goal is to recount this nearly century long story through wine.

Great-Grandfather Leone

Founder of the company.

Grandfather Angelo

Stefano and Roberto